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At Kindlebit, we are committed to furnish our clients with long term company gains and benefits. Having expertise in every arena of IT industry, we are steadfast towards achieving excellence and leave a positive impact on our clients. Read on out case studies and see how we have with our in-depth and latest research methodologies so far proved resourceful for our clients and helped them attain high performance oriented results!

Tampon Minder

Technology Stack: iOS, Android, Photoshop


Tampon-Minder is a tool that keeps you informed and in control of your tampon placement. This simple and intuitive app maintains a two-way communication with you while on your menstrual cycle.


To forget to remove Tampons can be life threatening due to their chemical nature and reaction when placed inside the body for more than the stipulated time. Some of the problems of forgetting to remove Tampons are:


  • Serious health risks
  • Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)


A tool which lets the user take a charge and manage Tampons without the worry of manually calculating time and keep records of the Tampons.


  • Helps prevent unnecessary emergency room or OBGYN visits due to forgotten or misplaced tampons
  • Complete monthly cycle stats, days in cycle, tampons used, average time between changes and more
  • Discrete timer with options for sound messages and/or Images
  • Snooze button to delay action until a more opportune time
  • Night mode to keep monitoring with no sound
  • Default and user control settings to better personalize your experience
  • End of cycle screen so you may add additional unexpected menstruation days
  • Pad/Other button to pause app while not using a tampon during the cycle
  • Countdown and Count-up timers with color-coded distinctions to facilitate your understanding of your usage

What experts say:

"Toxic Shock is serious business and this issue is not limited to young women who have just begun to menstruate," said Dr. Jason Gooch, a board-certified OBGYN.
"It really is very important for all women to be cognoscente of tampon placement times and an app like Tampon Minder is a great way to help them do so. I would recommend this to my patients."
Doctors recommend using the lowest absorbency tampons available and or changing tampons frequently. Leaving tampons in longer than the manufacturers' recommended time limit is a major risk factor in TSS and that's where Tampon-Minder can help.

Our Clients says...

Kindlebit and his team have been great to work with. I was looking for a team that could take over our application development and have been very happy with the work that has been provided.
I will continue working with Kindlebit and consider them a great resource. I would highly recommend the Kindlebit team. Craig Schurter, Director, AFRS, Keizer, OR

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