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An India based IT business solution provider, Kindlebit Solutions is framed with a motto to carve a niche in the e-commerce industry with a custom-made and a two-way approach. With an extensive experience in pocket, the company has heaps of knowledge to propose to the clients. Kindlebit solutions is the destination where your search would end. Kindlebit Solutions is an ideal pick for both small entities and big hot shots that have a single aim in their mind that is to thrive for high revenues and implement the best business techniques so far.

How We Work

First, we explore in depth what the requirements and needs of our clients are, and how we can best help them reach their web site visitors. Helping our clients reach their audience and find out more about each visitor is vital to the success of their business and one of the things we do best. Yes, we create elegant, beautiful websites and web applications that are easy to navigate, but beyond that we know how to write intelligent coding that is the basis for our elegant solutions.
We ensure that our solutions are created with the right mix of professionally excellent web support/services along with company standard benchmarks. Part of the key to the success of our organization is creating highly re-usable, scalable and robust technologies. We know that without the ability to work in the latest software and perform in the technical marketplace our value is diminished, and so we keep at the top of the curve in our technical skills.

Our Team

Our team continually faces many different challenges, but everlasting is our commitment to deliver our solutions on time with proper backups and complying with international quality standards. Our Team Manager keep analyzing and researching latest happening of technical world. They always remains in touch base with clients with a personal attention to every assignment, until successful results oriented delivery with client satisfaction.

Total User Focus

Understanding your site's audiences and users enable us to ensure that the site meets their needs and expectations. If that is achieved, visitors will stay on your site longer. This will eventually help you in making them enter absolute and authentic information with utmost satisfaction making them happily return to your site the next day.

Our Clients says...

Kindlebit and his team have been great to work with. I was looking for a team that could take over our application development and have been very happy with the work that has been provided.
I will continue working with Kindlebit and consider them a great resource. I would highly recommend the Kindlebit team. Craig Schurter, Director, AFRS, Keizer, OR

I have had a wonderful experience working with Kindlebit. Using a small team of 3 developers and 1 designer, they have been able to develop and design a high quality fully functional enterprise resource planning software for our use in less than a year. Its a pleasure working with them. Dapo Apara, CEO , Infiniti

Success Stories

Swiss Phone FFRS

The Fire Fighter Response System was designed to keep track of who is responding to a call instantly after it's been dispatched. The system is designed to allow members to change their responding status in a variety of ways, depending on how they are alerted of an incident.


Sepfo.com is latest web-based application designed for use by the general public. Currently only available in North America. Clients include Hair Stylists, Salons, Aestheticians, Personal Trainers, Plumbers, Electrician, Independent sales persons across a wide variety of industries.

Mc Fadden Lighting

McFadden Lighting is the leading manufacturer of fine architectural lighting based in downtown Saint Louis, MO. Over the years McFadden has risen to prominence in church lighting, custom lighting, and historical lighting restoration. The company also excels in prototyping, retrofit, and boasts the highest quality RLM Lighting in the market.

Our zeal for steady interaction throughout the project has helped us nurture enduring professional association with the patrons and ascertain us as a credible outsourced associate.