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When Kindlebit designs database systems for its patrons, one thing they cater to is that the requirements of the patrons are met. With professionally designed and written codes, the expert of the company designs systems that fulfill the client's requirements and ascertains that the complexities are solved before the client faces them. Adept with everyday emerging technological advancements, we have a lot to offer the clients with.

Kindlebit's Technical Expertise Includes:

  • Searches & Queries: Kindlebit's Ecommerce site integrates the search functionality in the front end and admin segments of your site. A significant aspect, it makes the site uncomplicated and user friendly facilitating the user to drive in the preferred information.
  • Featured Products: Exhibit the featured products on the site with Kbit's Ecommerce site. Constructive in plunging the sales of a significant product, it directs your valuable patrons to that product and category.
  • Related Product: This feature magnetize the customers attention towards the allied product. Assuming the patrons to acquire certain product, he might also be in quest of certain related products. With this criterion in mind, similar functionality is employed in Kbit's Ecommerce site.
  • Deal Of The Day: Being one of the most significant aspects employed by numerous Ecommerce sites, this attribute portrays certain commodities on discounted costs on a particular day. This feature can be exercised on day to day basis or to mark unique junctures like Independence Day or Labor Day etc depending upon company to company. Integrating this feature in an Ecommerce site spruce up its business value as it eases your quest to drive more valuable patrons and clean up your catalog of particular product via discounts.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Kbit's Ecommerce solution enables you to attain Newsletter Subscriptions feature that assists the users to type in their email address for staying well-versed with the latest deals and promotions. This feature also assists in fabricating a databank of email addresses to be brought into action for prospective marketing campaigns.
  • Product Zoom: To proffer the customers with a genuine familiarity of the product, Kbit's Ecommerce site inserts the functionality where the patrons can have an in-depth view of the desired product via zoom in feature.
  • Categories: Kbit's Ecommerce have clear categories on your site to list your products info, and have your categories displayed in a way which is easy to access, e.g. across the top or on the side columns.
  • Good Navigation: Kbit's Ecommerce solution is spruced up with innovative navigation tools and practices realizing the same in the solutions offered. This facet enables the users to effortlessly navigate across numerous segments of the site and surf back to the shopping cart. The good navigation feature by the site facilitates to convert deals.
  • News & Events: Keep your visitor's updated with the latest products, events together with information related to you online business with Kbit's Ecommerce site.
  • Good Payment Gateway: Perked up with a knack to integrate your portal with world's most valuable and secure payment gateways, Kbit's Ecommerce solution makes your business disbursement processing a flawless practice.
  • Privacy Policy: Kbit's Ecommerce solution is backed up with the facet to secure the personal details of the patrons. You would simply have to categorize your site to ascertain the installation of the privacy policy which in turn will enhance your credibility in the eyes of your patrons.
  • Advanced CMS tool: Kbit's Ecommerce solution is packed up with sophisticated CMS tool that helps to administer your site content, user newsletter and lucrative promotional deals.
  • Customer Login & Registration: Kbit's Ecommerce solution is backed up with preset user login & registration module. This helps the user attain particulars including the shipping and billing information, offering them with rich shopping experience. This saves them with the trouble of punching the details every single time they visit in for shopping.
  • Good Graphics: The appeal and facade of your website are the most significant aspects in Ecommerce. Kbit's Ecommerce solution offers your website with professional graphic design. This will facilitate you in magnetizing the attention of the patrons and maintaining them.
  • Delivery Information: The most significant aspect in any business is to notify the patrons regarding the delivery details and by what time they should expect to receive their order. Kbit's Ecommerce solution incorporates most up-to-date tools to trace the shipping batches along with mapping the location.
  • Social Tools Integration: Kbit's Ecommerce solution offers valuable tools to blend in social media into your Ecommerce site. This facilitates in increasing sales and yielding new and lucrative prospects for your enterprise.

Our Clients says...

Kindlebit and his team have been great to work with. I was looking for a team that could take over our application development and have been very happy with the work that has been provided.
I will continue working with Kindlebit and consider them a great resource. I would highly recommend the Kindlebit team. Craig Schurter, Director, AFRS, Keizer, OR

Success Stories

Swiss Phone FFRS

The Fire Fighter Response System was designed to keep track of who is responding to a call instantly after it's been dispatched. The system is designed to allow members to change their responding status in a variety of ways, depending on how they are alerted of an incident.

Our zeal for steady interaction throughout the project has helped us nurture enduring professional association with the patrons and ascertain us as a credible outsourced associate.