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Point Of Sale

Kindlebit Point of Sale can be employed to enhance the sales of a firm by speeding up the ease of monitoring monetary transactions by keeping track of the retail in all forms. Also, with a bunch of attractive features, the revenue of the business can be improved successfully.


The usage of POS is very easy to comprehend and exploit. A single entry screen is offered that lets you to put in data via simple hardware devices. All the instructions required comprising of part-revision details, warehouse and bin locations, are exhibited on the startup screen so that the level of ease is increased.

Transaction Options

There is a varied number of payment choices provided with the application of POS which includes creating cash, cheque, and credit card transactions

Cash Change Calculator

Entry of cash enables the calculator to advise you of the required change.

Print Option

Kindlebit POS provides you with a number of options to print, fax or email packing or affirmation slips and invoice.


The Point of Sale acknowledgment report permits you to settle your credit card receipts, cash received and cheques in hand.


Point of Sale is completely under M1 hence all the transactions appear when business analysis tools are made to use within ordering, shipping, accounts receivable and payable modules

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