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Kindlebit Warehouse Management System (WMS) monitors and controls the operation and compilation of materials within a venture along with dealing out the transactions related to these objects. These systems engage wide-ranging cognition of warehouse management information including coordinating quantity, unit of measure, and location and other factors with where to supply and where to collect. The WMS examines the growth of products through the warehouse. It incorporates the use of physical warehouse groundwork, tracking systems, and expression among product stations.

Picking up the supplies: maintenance of the course of goods acceptance

Right from keeping a check on the quantity and assuring the quality, Warehouse Management looks into the complete process of acceptance of goods, from the invoice of pallets and warehouse services to handling returns, and positing the storage bin appropriately.

Warehouse Design

The design of the warehouse allow users to modify workflow and picking logic to make sure that stock is administered at the perfect place within the range. The WMS sets up proper bin placement to capitalize on warehouse space and report for regular stock variation.

Stock Checking

In order to make sure that supply is correctly registered; our systems proffer the ability to employ superior tracking systems, such as auto ID data capture (AIDC), or radio-frequency identification (RFID), barcode scanners so that they are effortlessly sited in requirement.


After packaging, WMS sends itemized bills of lading (B/L) to the lead of the shipment in order to generate packing lists and acknowledgment slips for buyers to check for items shipped with objects ordered, and even comprise of assembly commands in necessity. The warehousing software is programmed to send advanced shipment notifications (ASN) to notify other facilities of awaited deliveries.


Managers are able to evaluate the performance of the process through superior reporting attributes within the software and this can facilitate it completely to find areas for up gradation. For instance, the system routinely analyzes series counts, which calculates a varied subset of record each day.

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