“Thrilled about the plan of developing .Net code outside of Windows!”

.NET Core is implemented to run on various platforms such as:

It’s an open source with support to CLI(Command-Line Interface).

It has the ability to host on:

One of the most innovative features of ASP.NET Core – “is built in dependency injection”.

With ASP.NET Core, MVC and Web API have been united together.

It’s an implementation of .NET that is designed to be “cross-platform” and “open source” to meet the needs of software development for next one decade.


It is specifically optimized for cloud-specific workloads.

With ASP.NET Core we can:

It also includes Mobile, Cloud and IOT based solutions along with cloud-based environment.

.NET Core is designed to offer a high-quality open source .NET implementation that can be utilized on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

.NET Core does not incorporate everything the .NET Framework does, it offers a subset of functionality—the core components, that’s why the name.

“.NET Core is cloud-optimized and its value is mostly helpful for enterprise back-ends.”

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