Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud – Amazon EC2, is a web service that is used to secure and resize compute capacity in the cloud. Amazon EC2’s simple and easy web interface helps you configure cloud capacity and make web-scale cloud computing easier with minimal friction for developers.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Amazon E2C Auto Scaling is used to maintain application availability through cloud and dynamically scale Amazon EC2 up and down as per the need and defined application conditions. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling can also be used for fleet management by ensuring desired Amazon EC2 instances.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a web service by Amazon that lets you run code without the need of managing or provisioning servers. AWS Lambda can be used for running code for any kind and type of application or backend service with zero administration. At AWS Lambda one has to pay charges for the time code is running, and there are no charges for the time when code is not running.

Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing by the AWS is used for managing and directing incoming application traffic to across multiple targets such as – containers, EC2 instances, IP addresses. Elastic Load Balancing by AWS features high availability, robust security and automatic scaling that makes applications fault tolerant.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Amazon Simple Storage Services – S3 are object storage built to retrieve and store massive amounts of data, which can be later analyzed. Amazon S3 provides simple storage service that can store heaps of data related to applications, websites and businesses, and business clients. All the data stored on Amazon S3 is safe under strident security and can be accessed from anywhere.

Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

Amazon Elastic Block Store – Amazon EBS by Amazon Web Services is block storage services that provides user block storage that can be used for scaling workload with EBS volume, each EBS volume is replicated in its availability zone to keep your from suffering component failure. Amazon EBS offers durability and high availability for smooth use at low prices for the provisions you use.

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service is a web cloud service that provides on-cloud easy scalable relational database. The Amazon RDS features cost-efficient and resizable capacity along automating administration tasks that channels fast performance, security, compatibility and high availability of application

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is a highly scalable and highly available Cloud Domain Name System – DNS. Amazon Route 53 is designed to provide businesses and developers a reliable and cost-effective way of routing end-users to internet applications by translating the web address into IP address, the same way through which computers connect with each-others.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network – CDN, a service that is used for securely delivering data, applications, videos and APIs to your viewers at high transfer speeds and low latency. Amazon CloudFront is integrated with AWS, which includes physical locations that are directly connected to the AWS global infrastructure. As well as software that works seamlessly with other integrated AWS services.

AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Firewall Manager is a security management service by AWS that is used to centrally configure and manage the – AWS WAF rules across all business accounts and listed applications. New applications can also be brought under the security rules using the Firewall Manager.

AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Cost Explorer is a Cost management service that has an easy-to-use interface. The AWS-CE helps lets user understand, visualize, and manage AWS costs and usage over time.

AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets by AWS is a simple and easy to use interface that lets you customize budgets and oversee costs. AWS Budget also gives budget alerts when cost or usage exceeds the budget amount,.

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Amazon Simple Email Service – Amazon SES is a cloud-based emailing platform, ideal for digital marketing and developers to send notification emails, marketing emails, transaction emails to customers at the ease of cost efficiency.

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