3 Top Programming Trends to Look For In 2018

Programming is one of the pillars of the backbone of the digital world. With the changing time, trends and technological advancements, programming has changed too. Keeping oneself upgraded is a parameter of a successful life during these times. So, the programming languages should be perfect and up to date.

  1. JavaScript-React fibre-

One of the major changes in JavaScript is the introduction of React fibre, several libraries and platforms such as Vue.js packed with Node.js. Such developments have made it the fastest-growing programming languages.

  1. The Material design has become the key-

User-experience tactics have become a must to be learnt for an aspiring web developer.

  1. Backend-as-a-Service for multi-platform challenges-

For any sort of issues in delivering engaging apps for multiple platforms, BaaS come as an efficient tool for it. Under this, the programmer while building different mobile platforms should focus on developing API-first.

These are the most prominent advancements or trends in programming which a passionate programmer must study and have a high-hand on. Change is the only constant thing in this universe.

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