5 Top Web Application Development Trends In 2018

Web Application Development is what a substantial people are into in the era of technology. But not all of them are getting to the desired level. It can be related to user experience, product performance, revenues. The main reason behind this is not keeping up with time.

You need to change with time, modify your work policies, and standards in order to keep a pace with the competition. If we talk about web application development, then this a rapidly changing field. If you want to build or design what your customers like, then read the following trends and start working on them.

  1. AMP is new and loved-

Nobody has spare time to wait for your mobile or website to be loaded and then display the related information. Apps with regular mobile pages in 2018 will get the high bounce rate. I am sure you don’t want to lose even a single customer. So, Accelerated Mobile Pages is the answer.

  1. PWA is in-

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) with the help of latest technologies bring the best of the mobile sites and native applications to users. They are responsive, load instantly, fast, and secure.

  1. SPA working inside a browser-

Single Page Apps don’t need any reloading of the page when to be used. Two best examples of single-page applications are Gmail, Facebook.

  1. Online Support and Chatbots replacing humans-

With a huge capital loss in customer service, chatbots or online support have been introduced.

  1. Push Notifications-

Most of the apps have merged these to enhance user engagement with mobile apps. If you want to keep up with these website application development trends then you can ask KindleBit Solutions for the impeccable services.

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