Beginners Guide for Google Analytics

Today Google Analytics undoubtedly is the most widely known application used to find the traffic on the website. Google Analytics is the best free tool online which provides the most accurate information that can show the most potent insight of the website's performance.

Google analytics have the information which if used properly by the website owner can boom up their business. So, if you are wondering that what google analytics have, which can power your business; then you have to understand some basic quick tips of using google analytics.

  • Learn the basics of Google Analytic Account: After making the account on the google analytic get yourself familiarize with all the key report areas, “Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions”. The more time you will spend on understanding and browsing these key report areas, the more it will help you with your business marketing strategies.

  • Audience Overview: After logging into the account on the left-hand side there is an option of "Audience Overview". Click on it, and know how many sessions you have. Analytics keeps the record of the pages that visitors visit on your website. Every time visitors visit your page is tracked as a session. If you will click on the "Location", you will get to know that visitors from which location is visiting your website.

There are two more options "Technology" and "Mobile"- these options will inform you about that from which device and browser the visitors are visiting your website. From the key factors, you can find out how many new visitors are visiting your website, website visits are growing or not, and the bounce rates.

  • How your visitors reached your website: a link is there on the left side known as "Acquisition Overview". It will show some stats which will tell you that how people ended up reaching your website. There are six resources from where visitors get to your website are:

Social, Direct, Organic Search, Referral, Email, Others

And if you are interested in knowing more, click on "All Traffic", it will display engaging information showing the top 10 traffic sources and for how long each visitor is staying on the page.

"Campaign, Keyword, Organic" can tell that what people searched to reach you.

These all things will tell you about your progress in digital marketing.

  • What content people are searching on your website: Site Content All Pages can tell you people are reading or searching what content on your web page. It will tell visitors visited which pages and read which information on your website. By this research and information, you will find out that what content worked for you and how people reached to it.

  • Make Up Your Goal: You can make your goal on GA to keep the records of conversions and it will help you know who are interested in your newsletters and who sign up at your website or bought something from you.

  • For Creating goal, you have to find the website or page, of which all the information you want to track. Copy it in the notepad.

  • Go to the Admin button on your account page, Chose Goal and click on new goal (red button).

  • Make New Goal, by typing the name you want.

  • Paste the URL that you copied earlier and end action page.

Now you can view the progress of that particular page by the goal you set up. So this will inform you about the Marketing and CRM strategy.

GA is the perfect online tool which can boost up the business and so utilize it to the fullest.

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