Best Practices in Shopify Web Development Services to Improve E-Commerce Store Performance

Are you running your business on Shopify? Even if you aren't, the information we are going to share here is going to help you a lot if you ever plan to start an e-commerce store. Shopify web development services go to any lengths to make Shopify as fast as businesses require. Still, there can be a significant drop in sales if your e-commerce store isn't lightning fast to let customers surf your store satisfactorily. What does that mean though? When your hire Shopify developer for your store, he can help you understand better but here are some inconveniences that customers face on a slow e-commerce site.

• Delay in loading search results • Long response time while loading product pages • Poor quality product images or product images not loading at all • Sluggish performance of your entire e-commerce store • Sluggish performance on mobile devices • Increased transaction times • Shopping basket failing to load • CSS failing to load • Slow invoicing • Slow loading of promotions and ads

These were some but not all the troubles that can irritate your customers on a slow e-commerce site. Despite having a large inventory of all the products of high-consumer demand, it is obvious that you cannot convert more on a slow performance e-commerce store.

What you can do to resolve this problem?

If your sales are also dropping due to the slow performance of your website, you should consult some renowned Shopify web development services to remove all the complexities that are making your e-commerce store slow. However, you are not the only one to realize this problem. To help more people like you in providing a better shopping experience, even Shopify is also taking essential initiatives.

Here's what shopify has done to increase it's store performance

Several abstract factors affect the overall speed and performance of a Shopify store. To tackle them, Shopify has established a fast global network. The network on which Shopify stores operate right now finds the best route to your server and decreases the load time.

When the response time is high, the longer it takes for a web browser to download the web page the user is requesting. As a result, the user estimates that it is going to take forever for your e-commerce store to load the webpage, and he prefers leaving. This behavior surges the bounce rate of your store to sky-reaching heights.

After upgrading the global network, Shopify was able to handle the server response time in its 180 points of existence in around 80 nations. Shopify improved the network connections by a huge margin. According to the statistics, the average request time of all Shopify stores was improved by up to 39% with most discernible improvements in countries like Australia, India, Singapore, and Japan. E-commerce store owners were able to provide faster service to their customers without the need to hire Shopify developers due to this measurement.

What do the top shopify web development services suggest?

Despite the efforts of Shopify, there are still some ways you can contribute towards the performance and speed of your Shopify store. You can check the measures that you need to take below.

  • Image size matters

The problem in the modern world of the internet is that users want everything to load fast, even on slow networks. It means that your customers are expecting your website to load properly on a 2G or 3G device as fast as it will load on a 4G or wi-fi network.

To improvise your network speed, what you can do is integrate an image compressor tool or compress all your images manually to make them load instantly the moment a product page loads. What actually happens is that when a server receives browser request, it starts downloading all the image files, which can take a lot of time if your image files are huge. Although Shopify uses the WebP format, which is smaller than your regular Jpeg and PNG, you can still hire Shopify web development services to create or integrate an image compression tool on your website. For manual compression, we suggest you use the Caesium image compressor.

  • Optimize theme for both desktop and mobile

◦ Another important measure that Shopify web development services suggest for improving your Shopify store speed is selecting a fast theme. You can run the preview page of your Shopify theme in Google PageSpeed insights and know its performance on both desktop and mobile devices.

◦ If you are satisfied with the current theme of your store, you can tweak its CSS and Javascript to make them small. You can remove the elements and scripts that are slowing down your site and make the website load faster. The number of CSS that a browser requests from a server also increases the load times. As the browser has to send multiple requests to load multiple CSS files, it is better to merge all your CSS documents into a single file. ◦ Using a tool like FireAMP, you can create AMP pages of your website that load instantly on mobile devices. As nearly 50% of all internet users shop online using a mobile device, AMP pages can help you convert a lot and better target your leads. You can find FireAMP or RocketAMP on the Shopify App Store and install it on your e-commerce site.

These were the most practical ways to increase the performance and speed of your overall website and protect conversions. When the bounce rate is reduced, and customers can access all corners of your site easily, you will see the maximum sales. For developing a highly-responsive, fast, and visually impactful Shopify e-commerce store, you can hire Shopify developer at Kindlebit.

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