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People look for the best SEO services all over the world so that they can secure the top rank on Google SERPs, which can drive their website a lot of traffic. Imagine if there was a cheat sheet of ranking from which every blogger or business owner could benefit. Unfortunately, there is none. However, the knowledge gained from experience is never wrong. We are here to help you reach remarkable traffic on your website with the help of our ultimate ranking strategies that will help you get six-figure traffic on your website in 2020. Let's start below.

  • Strategy #1: Defeating BERT

Bert is Google's latest AI ranking algorithm that can fine-tune the search results by processing every word present in the keyword. It means that now Google also understands the 'to' and 'for' that people put in their queries. We can take a genuine example from testing done by Google Search's vice-president, Pandu Nayak. With Google's previous Rainbrank algorithm, the keywords '2019 brazil traveler to USA need visa' showed irrelevant results, but the results improved significantly with Bert.

Best SEO Services Kindlebit So the million-dollar question is how can you beat Bert? We have two solutions:

  • Long-tail keywords, which have reached their peak value with Bert. By targeting them, you have better odds of ranking at the top.
  • Eliminate keyword stuffing from your content, titles, and meta tags can also help. As the relation of every word in a search term matters to Google now, keyword stuffing will only result in ranking drops.
  • Strategy #2: Increasing Page Speed

According to Kissmetrics, 40% of all internet users close a webpage if it does not load under 3 seconds, which indicates the importance of page speed for a website. Nevertheless, how does page speed affect rankings?

Google wants to create a solid search engine that provides the best results and maximum convenience to search users. For this reason, Google also released it's 'Speed Update' that counts the speed factor in both desktop and mobile rankings. You can use Google's PageSpeed insight to know how high Google ranks your page speed.

As page speed is a relative factor depending on several things like the user's network connection and the server speed of your host, you can do the following things.

  • Best SEO services and marketers suggest entrepreneurs optimize their website according to 3G speeds. Unsurprisingly, users expect websites to load on 3G networks as fast as they load on 4G and wi-fi. To make your site load faster on 3G networks, you decrease its overall size by compressing images and removing heavy scripts. Once your CDN caches your data, you can be a little lenient on compressing images.
  • Work on the programming of your website. A minimalist design with efficient programming will load faster. You need to remove the redundant visuals and optimize your CSS for better rankings. On slower networks, it is the CSS file that often crashes.
  • Strategy #3: Optimizing Content

Google always had and always will prefer original content over duplicate content. The more specific and relevant your information to a keyword is, the higher you will rank. However, while writing content for keywords, people often don't realize that they are not actually optimizing their site. Many times, they don't even consider the following aspects.

Keyword stuffing - Which Google ranks negatively because inserting keywords out of flow negates information quality.

LSI keywords - Whose lack makes your content irrelevant to Google. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are the words related to your main keywords. They help Google understand that with the inclusion of the words 'red' and 'juicy' in your content, you are referring to Apple fruit instead of Apple iPhone.

Voice search optimization - The world is rooting for voice assistants, smart speakers, and voice-enabled devices. Not paying heed to long-tail keywords and genuine phrases is a big no for Google to rank you on a voice search. For example, the keywords 'How to clean white shoes' have better chances of ranking higher on a voice search than 'clean white shoes.'

Content length - Most of the time, the length of the content is either too short or too long. It should be efficient according to the keywords if you want to rank higher. For example, you lose credibility when you write 600 words on 'Price of the new iPhone' and mere 100 words on 'Features of the new iPhone.' Google does assume length on webpages to provide some information, so also don't expect to end question terms with one-liners and expect it to rank.

  • Strategy #4: Optimizing URL and Authority

You are in shock if you weren't aware that the majority of the websites that score best ranks on SERPs are more than three years old. It is because, through practical SEO services, they were able to increase their domain and page authority. DA and PA insinuate how likely you are to rank on a keyword due to the reliability of your content.

To increase the DA and PA:

  • Work on the incoming links on your website. You can ask a blogger or business to add the 'no follow' tag to devalue low-quality links. To get quality links from websites with high domain authority, make sure you optimize your content well and make it linkable. Web pages that are easily scannable by human eyes, i.e., which have shorter paragraphs, headings, and bullet points are linked more.
  • Work on your social signals, which are likes and shares on social media platforms. You need knowledge of social media marketing to properly implement that.

Another thing on which Google evaluates your website is the URL. If it does not sound spam and is relevant to your business, you will rank higher on related search queries. However, Google also penalties those websites that have keyword specific URLs and poor content.

  • Strategy #5: Mobile Friendliness

In January 2019, more than 85% of total internet searches were conducted through a mobile device. The prominence of mobile searches is going to affect rankings in 2020 even more than it is doing now. With Google's mobile-first indexing, it is a rock-solid truth that Google prioritizes mobile-optimized websites more. Meaning, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing the top space of Google SERPs.

Here's what you can do to increase the mobile-friendliness of your website:

  1. Select a font that is easier to read on mobile devices
  2. Select a mobile-friendly theme that is optimized for providing the best user experience and interface on mobile
  3. Go for responsive and scalable designs
  4. Optimize ad positions according to mobile screens
  5. Write short titles and headings

These were some strategies that are going to soar in 2020. However, website rankings aren't the only way to make a profit online. You can also target social media, PPC, affiliate marketing, and all other fields of digital marketing that can help you grow your business venture. We at Kindlebit are one of the best SEO services providers who can help you with all your digital marketing needs. Stay hooked on our website to find more helpful resources.

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