Big Announcements From "GoogleMarketingLive 2019"

Where entrepreneurs are expressing the requirement of prolific Google Ads management services, Google Marketing Live 2019 has dropped another update of changes. Google loves doing something discrete, and it's always good for internet users. With the upcoming changes and the heat of an unyielding online competition, now is the right time to hire a digital marketing services company, as it can get rough and exciting to increase leads this year.

Changes In Google Ads From Google Marketing Live 2019 Here's a Written Encore of The Announcements Made in #GoogleMarketingLive 2019 Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are the siblings of Google Ads, except that they will only mark their presence on Google Discover. If you ask how many individuals are aware of the existence of Google Discover, not as much as compared to Facebook or Instagram. However, their approximate number is 800 million, which is not less either. For new business owners, Discovery Ads give a golden chance to convert actual sales of their products.

Makeway for the Gallery Ads

Just like Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads will be displayed in the carousel format but at the top of a SERP. Gallery Ads can include up to 8 images, 3 CTAs (for experimentation), and a 75 characters tagline. The benefit of the Gallery Ads is that an advertiser can display immersive ads during specific keyword searches, and induce clicks. You can let a digital marketing services company handle the advertisement work for you to get the best results.

Smart Bidding

Google decides to amend its bidding system with improvised machine learning. You can do smart bidding to get better conversions. Google aims to provide three new features that will help you bid better:

  • Select conversion actions at the campaign level
  • Create a multi-campaign conversion action
  • Tweak bids by conversion value

The new smart bidding inclusion is good for marketers, however, you will require competent Google Ads Management Services to get familiar with the smart bidding. Bumper Machine

YouTube Bumper ads are the ads that have a short runtime of just six seconds. They play at the beginning of a YouTube video. However, as it is painstakingly difficult for companies to create a bumper ad, or convert their minutes-long ads into six-second short videos, Google has come up with the Bumper Machine. The Bumper Machine can convert any 90 seconds video into a YouTube-ready Bumper Ad.

Target Custom Affinity and Custom Intent

Google had clubbed both custom affinity and custom intent to provide a better custom audience over its networks. Custom affinity refers to the audience that shares the same interests, where custom intent refers to the audience that is interested in the same product. However, now you can target both the audiences or just one with a custom audience.

Google Shopping

Just like the 'Checkout' feature of Instagram, now Google will enable its users to buy products from the SERPs directly. This eliminates the need to visit an e-commerce site. With this feature, the competition between Google ad management services is likely to increase.

Audience Expansion Tool

Audience Expansion Tool is an addition to the custom audience. It can get difficult to implement all the info mentioned in this article, which is why you are suggested to hire a skilled Digital Marketing Services Company. With the audience expansion tool, you can reach out to people who have similar behavior in a custom audience. Thus, increasing your chances to get better leads.

Local Campaigns

Google aims to bring more foot traffic to your store considering what's best for local businesses. You can set semi-automated campaign types that will be displayed over YouTube, Maps, Search and more to only those people who are in a closer range to your business location.

Expansion of Showcase Shopping Ads

A showcase shopping ad on Google SERP is an ad, which when clicked, shows a catalog of similar products. Google plans to bring the showcase shopping ad feature to Google images, discover, and YouTube.

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