BigCommerce Development Services Explain Why E-Commerce Businesses Fail

Learning through your varied experiences is a part of your e-commerce journey. It also means startups and aspiring e-commerce owners will have to work double to earn that experience. Reports say that there are high chances of failure even amongst the highly reputed e-commerce firms, but the only reason why they succeed is that they do not fear those chances. Our acknowledged BigCommerce development services are here to enlighten you about the top reasons behind e-commerce business failures so that you can overcome them with ease. Without any further delay, let’s begin our guide.

BigCommerce Development Services: The Top Reasons Behind E-Commerce Business Failures

Inefficient Planning

Our developers at Kindlebit have developed several contests, campaigns, and coming-soon pages for numerous clients. Once the page is updated on their website, the promotions begin. In maximum situations, owners do not have a proper plan to execute once the visitors start kicking in. As a result, their campaigns fail and they are unable to reach their desired sales figures.


Always work out your plans from tip to toe before executing them. You can also seek advice and ideas from your BigCommerce development services. They know how to run a successful e-commerce campaign without crashing.

Poor Content Strategy

Content matters as much as any other aspect of your website. It helps you attract your leads and convert sales. Imagine banners and emails that do not entice readers to click on your link, or provide enough information to raise the slightest interest in your products. A good content strategy also includes what should be published at what time. It is more like a follow-up chain of the right content at the right time to help you expand. Without a working content strategy, you won’t be able to lure your leads.


Draft a content strategy including emails, landing page content, and product pages while focusing on three things:

  • The needs of your customers
  • Features of your products
  • Persuasive copywriting

Also, do not forget to add call-to-action at the end of your social media posts and newsletters. Some BigCommerce development packages even include SEO and SMM and provide you with an overview of what your content needs.

Underestimating the Competition

Maybe you are great at selling shoes locally but are unable to thrive much online because you are not ready to give the discounts that your competition is providing. E-Commerce businesses cannot afford such mistakes as over a billion digital buyers are waiting online. In a nick of time, your sales can drop if your competition provides an incredible offer that you cannot even dream of providing.


We are not telling you to drop your prices as low as your competitors, but you will have to find some alternative to fulfill the gaps that your competitor has created through some other means. For example, if your competitor is providing a 20% discount on formal trousers, you can provide a 25% discount on selected formal shirts.

Another thing you need to step up your game here is competitive analysis and implementation, which may include incorporating the things that your competitor is executing, like blogging, behind-the-scenes, distributing loyalty points, etc.

Inadequate Customer Services

If you think the maximum negative reviews for an e-commerce store are about bad products, then the actual reality is they are about poor customer services. Your customer would be disappointed if he receives a damaged product, but he will only upload a negative review when he cannot complain about it or get it exchanged. Several e-commerce businesses also lose leads when they are not able to address their customer queries on time.


Ask your BigCommerce development services for chatbot integration on your e-commerce store and all social media platforms. The modern machine-learning-based chatbots are able to resolve your customer’s query within no time and can also register complaints.

You can also provide your visitors with a customer care number and set up an automated phone call system. However, be sure to have someone answer the customers’ calls when they want to speak to a real person, or else ditch the idea of providing a customer care number.

Hire BigCommerce Developer

Business owners often make these mistakes mentioned above and as a result lose their potential. Make sure you cover them all to reduce your chances of failure. While these are not the only troubles that you’ll face, some can be only explored through experience. You can also hire BigCommerce developer at Kindlebit to get your best quote now. Feel free to get in touch with us to clear your queries and doubts.

Author: Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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