Google’s New Social Venture helps you to build better connections & indulge in healthy conversations in the real Offline World

Irrespective of the fact, how Google has set milestones on the digital platform & established itself as the most successful tech giant yet it has never made a successful venture on social media networking platforms. After numerous failures like Orkut, Google Buzz & now shutting down Google+ a few months back, Google is back with …

Congratulations on the Successful Completion of 400K Hours on

Everyone appreciates being recognized for their accomplishments. Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. proudly announce that the company has reached an amazing landmark of 400K working hours over on 20th Oct., 2018. Company’s CEO, Mr. B.R. Sharma, states that his appreciation to this brilliant achievement made by the Kindlebit team members is greater than the words …

Google Game On
Kindlebit Solutions gets ‘Game On Pitch Survival Kit’ from Google

Thanks to Google for sending us your ‘Game On Pitch Survival Kit’! Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd. feels proud be one of the Google Partners. As Google Partners, we are familiar with all things, including certified knowledge of Google AdWords. We are committed to paid search marketing for a variety of clients. Being a Google Partner …

Kerala Relief Fund
We believe a small helping hand can make a big difference

God’s own country is in trouble now. Kerala is juggling with the excessive water and severe flooding, resulting in the century’s worst flooding in the state. Only one night was enough to take 373 lives evacuating 280,679 people. More than 1/6th of the total population of the state has been directly affected by the flood …

Email list subscribers
5 Tips on how to acquire and engage more Email list subscribers

An email list is your money list. Open rate and the conversions are the treasures. Getting more subscribers to the email list helps you to reach several people in one time. Another important factor associated with the concept of email marketing is relationship building rather than counting on sales. If you want to build a …

Top Programming Trends
3 Top Programming Trends to Look For In 2018

Programming is one of the pillars of the backbone of the digital world. With the changing time, trends and technological advancements, programming has changed too. Keeping oneself upgraded is a parameter of a successful life during these times. So, the programming languages should be perfect and up to date. JavaScript-React fibre- One of the major …

Blockchain Development
What is Blockchain Technology?

The development of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin has been very fast. In a number of instances, even those individuals who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency are looking to make an investment in this field. These days, Blockchain technology has turned out to be a parallel platform where a majority of people have started executing their …

Cryptocurrency Development Services
Best Cryptocurrency Development Services

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new service in our already wide array of IT services, Cryptocurrency Development Services. Cryptocurrency was developed with an idea to keep the medium of monetary transaction safe and secure. Most of your people must have heard about Cryptocurrency just after the Bitcoin gained its all-time …

Beginners Guide for Google Analytics
Beginners Guide for Google Analytics

Today Google Analytics undoubtedly is the most widely known application used to find the traffic on the website. Google Analytics is the best free tool online which provides the most accurate information that can show the most potent insight of the website’s performance. Google analytics have the information which if used properly by the website …

Embark On Your IT Career By Joining Exemplary 6 Months/Weeks Industrial Training
Embark On Your IT Career By Joining Exemplary 6 Months/Weeks Industrial Training

Nowadays, many IT companies are looking for talented and skilled professionals to join their ranks. Businesses are also on the lookout for such professionals for joining their IT development team for fulfilling their specific IT needs. Given the surging demand for mobile apps, desktop apps,internet based marketing and other information technology advancements, has significantly increased the need for knowledgeable and well trained IT professionals. You too can realize your dream of working for an elite IT company by getting trained from experts. They will hone your skills, advance your knowledge and provide you the required guidance. So you can successfully join an IT company of your choice and advance your career to great heights.

Painting Competition
Painting Competition

Holi is the apt time to break the ice, renew relationships and link yourself with those that you wanted to with a bit of colour, so as to spread the colours to our environment – kindlebit has organised a Painting Competition and this event was a great effort from every employee of Kindlebit. Many thanks …

Self Defense & Fitness Week
Self Defense & Fitness Week

“The duel may go on for long, but the self-defense often wins over the self-reproach.What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.”   Closing this “Self Defense & Fitness Week” with strength, confidence and sense of achievement.   Thanks to Abhisek “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” is …

Have a Happy Self Defence & Fitness Week
Have a Happy Self Defence & Fitness Week

Self Defence and fitness week “The duel may go on for long, but the self-defence often wins over the self-reproach.” On the occasion of International Women’s Day today, Kindlebit is celebrating “Self Defence & Fitness Week” for all the brave ladies working within the organisation. Girls and women face a disproportionate number of life challenges, …

Happy Women's Day
Celebrating Women’s Day at Kindlebit

You can do almost anything you put your mind to …You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak …Be a doctor or fly a plane…You can face adversity and still walk tall.You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say ! Today is yours, and so is ever …

Kindlebit Boost Up the Drive of its Team!
Kindlebit Boost Up the Drive of its Team!

Kindlebit as a token of appreciation to its employees who have given their valuable 4 years and with their sheer intelligence and skills have made it mark a presence in the industry, has gifted sedans for making their lives comfortable and ride in style! In disguise are what made you who you are today.

KindleBit Adds another Feather in its Cap with Google Partner and Microsoft Bing Adcenter Certification
KindleBit Adds another Feather in its Cap with Google Partner and Microsoft Bing Adcenter Certification

It has become testing to create exclusive services today, with more lubricity in search algorithms and complex ways to determine what can be referred as a G (Genuine & Good)-site. With a tough wall to breach paving way to top results in search engines, further promoting it in most dynamic ways of what a client …

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