Google AdWords is now Google Ads

In 2000, Google Adwords was launched by Google. It’s a platform on which text ads are run on desktop search. At that time, AdWords offered the most advanced features allowing advertisers to design a well-organized program to attain their digital marketing goals. Google AdWords is now known as Google Ads. The new Google Ads brand embodies the complete range of advertising potential offered by Google.  It was announced in March 2018 by Google that it would withdraw the old AdWords interface by the last part of this year. On 24 July 2018, Google AdWords has changed its old brand name to Google Ads. Benefits of Google Ads Search Ads: Your ad will appear next to the Google search results. Display Ads: With banner and text ads across Gmail and numerous other websites and apps, your ad will be able to show up wherever your customers are located. Video Ads: On YouTube, your business will appear in front of new customers.  App Ads: You will be able to promote your app by running ads across the complete Google organization. The intention of Google Ads is to make it easier the procedure of advertising across associate pages, video, search, and more, so as to reach prospective buyers. For small business organizations, Google is setting up the concept of Smart Campaigns. Thus, it will become an easier way to target customers, who can ultimately visit the online stores and make a purchase. Smart Campaigns allows the advertisers to categorize the actions like phone calls, customer visits or sales orders/purchases. Subsequently, Google Ads will utilize machine learning to optimize the images and text to achieve more of those actions. According to Google, the change is planned to make it easier for small business to advertise across different PPC channels. Conclusion:

  • New Google Ads will make is easier to advertise further than the search box.
  • Businesses can be able to create ads that aid in selling.
  • Marketers can be able to connect with the billions of people finding responses on Search.
  • With the aid of text-based search ads and YouTube video ads, you will have a number of techniques to reach prospective customers.

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