Google Marketing Platform: Unified DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google has grown from a common search engine to the most powerful force for internet users. Due to rapid developments in technology, there has been a sudden increase in new marketing channels to target potential customers. For the purpose of dealing with these issues, Google has yet again adapted to build innovative tools for marketers. The most recent addition is the brand-new Google Marketing Platform. The Google Marketing Platform substitutes the older G-Suite. This novel marketing platform joins together DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite. The objective is to lend a hand to the marketers in planning and optimizing all parts of their digital campaign and generate improved customer experience in a single place. This Google Marketing Platform will help increase more planned campaigns, and at the same time still protecting their privacy and letting the customers manage their data. Google is, therefore, acting in response to the rapid advancement within the technology that has ensured a plethora of channels and data formats. Features of Google Marketing Platform

  • DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite are in united form.
  • Search Ads 360 is the new name for DoubleClick Search
  • Supports planning and determining search campaigns on Google
  • Provides support for better arrangement and optimizing digital media
  • Improves customer experiences within a single platform
  • Helps marketers in better understanding the customers
  • Allows the user to do end-to-end advertising campaigns from a single place
  • Features an ‘Integration Center’ to connect ads and analytics more resourcefully

Within the Google’s Marketing Platform, there’s no need to make use of multiple platforms to determine the performance of your ads. In fact, Google seems to be strong-minded to encourage simplicity across all its products. An easier process means better results and this should develop into engaging for smaller businesses to hold the benefits of online advertising. Google Marketing Platform makes it easier to deal with your campaigns with the beginning of Display & Video 360. The feature involves DoubleClick Bid Manager, Audience Centre and Campaign Manager. This should improve association among innovative and marketing teams to maintain everything in a single platform. Right Marketing Technology Platform In the competitive marketing world which is progressively more data-driven, the right choice for a marketing technology platform is turning out to be very important in achieving the best possible effectiveness in terms of ROI. The prospect of an integrated marketing platform involves all digital marketing channels, devices and customer-engagement. New Google Marketing Platform replaces DoubleClick In the past few months, Google has declared some changes that bring together analytics and media solutions into a single platform. Now, Google offers a complete marketing technology solution for the enterprises. In actual fact, Google’s advertising and analytics platforms have been unified in a single brand name called ‘Google Marketing Platform’. Some of the changes:

  • Google Analytics 360 Suite Home is now Platform Home
  • DoubleClick Search is now Search Ads 360
  • DoubleClick Studio & DoubleClick Campaign Manager are Studio & Campaign Manager respectively
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager is now Display & Video 360

You will start noticing the new Google Marketing Platform brand, together with the new product names, logo, interfaces, help centers, and other features very soon. Conclusion: The establishment of Google Marketing Platform is favorable for both small as well as big businesses. Google is making a lot of noteworthy changes in their marketing products and solutions. This change is a union between the DoubleClick products and Google Analytics 360 Suite. You can perform a variety of things, ranging from planning, buying, determining products to optimizing digital media and customer engagement from a single platform.

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