Google’s New Social Venture helps you to build better connections & indulge in healthy conversations in the real Offline World

Irrespective of the fact, how Google has set milestones on the digital platform & established itself as the most successful tech giant yet it has never made a successful venture on social media networking platforms. After numerous failures like Orkut, Google Buzz & now shutting down Google+ a few months back, Google is back with its latest social networking app named “Shoelace”. The app is in its trial phase & is only available in New York City right now. Google claims restricting the app to one place at first will help them to determine what works & what doesn’t work to make the app available to more people.  It is operating currently on invite-only mode where it has partnered with selected communities for now but itis planning to bring Shoelace to nationwide.

Why the name “Shoelace”?

The whole motive of the Shoelace App is to connect people together on their mutual interests like the laces on a shoe. The same is achieved by analyzing activities that are called “loops”.The app is being developed by a small team in Google’s workshop for experimental products in Area 120.

What is the “Shoelace App” all about?

Shoelace is a mobile app that connects people with shared interest’s through-in person activities. It is a hyper local network for people whose interests match & want others to join them in activities like visiting a museum or attending a sports event. When a person installs the app, they will be given choices to list items or activities they are interested in. The app will then provide the person with a group of local events or what it calls “Loops” that match the person’s interest profile.

Basically, people connect on digital platform & meet in real lives for an activity of mutual interest. It helps people to link up with whom they share a common interest in various activities. For instance, if you live in New York or just shifted there, with this app you will find people to spend time with during your favorite activities. The app users can also create their activities & invite users to join them. The users will be able to set up profiles to share information about them, as well as learn more about others making it easier to organize and plan events.

What makes Shoelace App stand out from the rest?

  • The shoelace app is designed to give people break from their electronic devices & do real-world activities with others who share similar interests.
  • It creates opportunities for people to develop real bonds with people and super charge your social life which is much needed in this day & age. Besides, it becomes much easier & more fun to interact with new people who share your similar interests.
  • The app is great for people who have recently moved to a new city and don’t know many people there but are looking to meet other people in the same vicinity.
  • It will notify people with daily happenings near you from comedy shows to concerts based on your interest.
  • The app is an attempt to narrow down the negative effects of smartphones & other electronic gadgets. It focuses on encouraging people to meet outside the internet space & participate in healthy conversations.
  • It allows users to create their own events and invite anyone to join whether he/she is a Shoelace app user or not.

How to sign in to Shoelace Account?

To sign in to shoelace account, a person must have an active Google account. The app currently supports both Android devices of version 8.0 or newer and iOS version 11.0 or newer.

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