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Shopify is one of the two names buzzing everywhere in the e-commerce industry. With so many businesses relying on this platform, it is not a surprise that future e-commerce giants are also investing their best in it. However, you can be the next big thing in e-commerce if you use Shopify to its full extent. While you can set up your e-commerce platform from a standard available theme, hiring professional Shopify web development services has its own benefits. Below are some most remarkable reasons to hire Shopify developer to build fascinating e-commerce websites.

Unavoidable Reasons to Hire Shopify Developer

#1 The Power of Customization

UI and visuals matter a lot in the world of online shopping. Customers only buy those things that are pleasing to eyes, which also includes the place where they are purchasing.

So why shouldn't I select a visually appealing pre-built theme?

Imagine you like a theme that delivers wonderful shopping experience, but it is lacking some functionality. You can adjust such a theme, but Google and your customers might not.

For example:

We all know that smartphone users are slowly drifting the entire internet towards their needs and Google too. In today's era, if anything isn't simplified for smartphones, it is not even targeting its 80% to 90% market. In fact, around 50% of people who actually convert on all e-commerce sites shop using a smartphone. Now, what will happen if your theme is not suited for smartphone screens? You will be losing a generous amount of customers.

Sometimes when Shopify themes do look immersive on smartphone screens, their ad experience is also not optimized. As the ad placement depends unexceptionally on the store theme, displaying a lot of ads can ruin shopping experience for your mobile users, while showing too little can negate sales. Thus, when you hire Shopify developer, he can customize the theme to make it simplistic yet captivating. He can also customize the ad placement to upgrade the shopping experience on your store.

#2 Added Functionality

Apart from personalizing the UI of your Shopify store, a Shopify developer can also add such functionality which pre-built themes cannot provide.

There are several reasons why you need that extra functionality.

For example:

E-commerce stores that sell eyeglasses often provide the feature of 3D Try-On to allure customers. However, this is not the only feature that a Shopify theme does not provide. Added payment methods, security features, custom popups, and whatnot, you will find many features that are absent in a pre-built Shopify theme.

By hiring a Shopify developer, you can add the features and functionality of your choice to the store, and can also develop a custom plugin. Adding custom UI and UX is not much of a  trouble when you have full control over your theme. You can also select the color scheme that is the best for your store as not every standard theme supports all the color schemes.

#3 Speed Optimization

Speed is a big factor that affects your conversions. If product pages do not load fast, a visitor will obviously bounce. The same will be his response if the product images take too long to load. The main problem that e-commerce stores face in terms of speed is that every visitor wants the store to load immediately on a click. Not to mention, poor loading speed adversely affects the SERP rankings, which is not good for your store.

How a Shopify Developer solves this?

Most developers provide speed optimization as a part of their Shopify web development services. And if one doesn't, you can request it at a very small price. A Shopify developer can minify your store's code to reduce server response time by eliminating the number of requests. Another way he can speed up your store is by removing unnecessary scripts and compressing images.

When your store's loading speed is improved, you can start competing on highly-competitive keywords. Google will not hesitate to rank you at the top. The bounce rate of your site will also decrease significantly.

While your standard Shopify theme might not be optimized for high-speed, you can still check its score by evaluating it on  Google Page Speed Insights.

These were the ways a professional Shopify developer can improvise your store for generating more revenue. If you are looking to hire Shopify developer, feel free to check out our portfolio. We at Kindlebit are proud to offer you our Shopify development services. With over 10 years of experience, we are dominating the e-commerce development niche having expert programming skills and deep knowledge of all the top e-commerce trends. You can contact us anytime to clear any queries or doubts.

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