IPFS - Interplanetary File System

IPFS is the distributed web, peer to peer hypermedia protocol which is available at all the computing devices. It is a complex project with profound implications on the structure of the internet and future development. In addition to it, it is involved in shaping the concept of shared economy. Its trait and the way of information distributed across the internet is the reason.

IPFS- Storage

Content is the foundation of the address files in IPFS but the other file systems use the location for addressing their files. Collection of hashed files make up every node. Accessing the abstraction layer is a must when you want to access the files.

Juan Benet is the name behind the concept. He had thought of making a system (web) which is distributed and permanent. How he made it?

He builds a system with features of connecting all the computing devices with the same set of files. The “distributed” trait has been achieved by the ways in which the files move across the system prove it to be a distributed file system. When we combine all these features we reach to the ‘permanent stage.

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