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Initial Coin Offering has taken the world and revolutionized it with its value and concept. The digital currency and the coins have the potential to make a steep jump from null to a century. But, yes, we must keep in mind that the vice-versa scenario is possible as well. This implies it is a “game” with all the possibilities of winning and losing. The risks involved affects the broader community, investors, and the investment. Also, the risks are threatening, and there comes the solution or the antidote to all of them-Polymath.

Polymath STO- Security Token Offering is a protocol design easing and simplifying the creation as well as the selling of the security tokens.


  1. The companies indulged in digital currencies can issue the security tokens which implies to provide security in the process.
  2. Only verified buyers can trade or purchase the coins as enabled by Polymath.

What will Polymath STO do?

The security tokens are the traditional final assets working on a regulated network. Whereas, Bitcoin and Ethereum are app tokens. The app market is double the size of the security tokens. We will see this transformation as well in a few years.

Experts vision the transformation in the market size with a multiplication factor of 20. Reasons behind being-

  • Offer security by providing security tokens
  • Instant transaction
  • 24*7 availability
  • Low-fee for trading

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