Laravel Development Services for Creating Custom AMP Pages

Laravel is used for creating amazingly fast web pages, but there is something even faster than the web pages that it creates. We are talking about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that load on a mobile device in the blink of an eye. Initially created by Google in the year 2016 as a response to Facebook’s instant pages, and supported by Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, AMP pages were solely launched to increase mobile surfing experience.

As of the current stats, even a one-second delay in the loading of your webpage affects your search engine rankings and makes visitors revert. The requirement to AMP-ify your website is so real that even WordPress released its official AMP plugin in December 2018. However, to harness the power of your Laravel website with custom AMPs, you need the help of most proficient Laravel developers.

If you are looking for Laravel development services to convert your website into AMP pages, you are in the right place. Our experts at Kindlebit have years of experience in delivering top-notch software solutions. With the team of most adept Laravel developers, we can ameliorate your website for supreme performance by converting it into AMP.

Enhance Your Laravel Site’s Performance with AMP

Here’s how our Laravel development services can strengthen your website with the help of custom Laravel AMPs:

  • Reduce Load Time

As it is known, AMPs characterize speed. They load on a smartphone screen incredibly fast, which in turn enhances the user experience. However, this speed is only possible if your website is turned into AMP by skilled software engineers. Our Laravel developers not only make your website lightning fast but also create smooth AMPs with efficient coding to make your website perform error-free.

  •  Improve SEO

AMPs are a boon for SEO. You don’t need to create a sitemap for your AMP pages, Google collects them itself. As the loading time is fast, AMPs are also given the first preference and rank higher on SERPs. Furthermore, they can be shared easily on other platforms like Facebook and receive priority from third-party sites. When you hire Laravel developer at Kindlebit, we ensure that all our software builds are lightweight and SEO friendly.

  • Reduce Bounce Rate

AMP pages generally have a high bounce rate, but we can help you reduce it. With a delightful user interface and instant loading, the mobile surfing experience improves with our AMP pages and a user tends to stay and surf your domain. With eye-catching UI and easy navigation, our experts further help you in reducing the AMP bounce rate.

  • Optimize Data Consumption

Another way to provide an enhanced customer experience to your users is by reducing their data consumption. World-renowned companies like Netflix and Showtime often use strategies to lower user’s data consumption to improve their services. Similarly, Google also suggests compressing your images before uploading them to boost their load time and reduce data consumption. With minimal designs and CDN caching, AMP pages reduce the data consumption on the user’s end significantly.

  • Browser Compatibility

A business website should be browser compatible. Meaning, it should support and give the same performance on different browsers. Businesses lose a lot of leads and traffic when their websites cannot ensure optimum UI/UX performance irrespective of the browser their visitor uses. Whether it is Google Chrome, Safari, or any other browser that your target audience uses, our Laravel application development services ensure that the AMPs we develop are compatible with all the browsers.

  • Enhance Ad Performance

Usually, it is difficult to generate revenue from ads through AMP pages. The positioning and proper displaying of ads, on AMP pages, is also difficult. Another thing that you cannot ensure is whether if the ads will actually appear on the AMP pages or not. However, with our experience in churning thousands of websites for Ad performance, we can help you generate ad revenue via your AMP pages also.

  • Reduce Load on Servers

When you receive traffic via your web pages, your server handles the entire burden. In certain scenarios, it has also lead to a decrease in website speed and even server crashing. Our developers assure that with the help of Laravel AMP pages, your server never takes the toll.

Hire Laravel Developer

These were the ways our developers can provide you with the most impactful AMPs. Our experts are available to work on your project 40-50 hours per work and will be supervised by a dedicated project manager. Reach new heights now with Kindlebit Solutions. Feel free to get in touch with us to clear any queries and doubts.

Author: Kindlebit Solutions Pvt. Ltd

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