Killer Spam Removal Tips Laravel Development Services Offer

The majority of Laravel application development services have reported that their applications were attacked with spams as sooner they were released. It appears that spamming is world-wide trouble hurdling the effective release and deployment of software applications. However, businesses do not expect spam when they hire Laravel developer to develop their application. In the end, it creates trouble for both the developer and client and has to be taken care of manually. Fortunately, you are not going to confront the problem of spam again if you check out the information given below.

Tips from Top Laravel Development Services Providers For Battling Spam

How to dodge what's inevitable now? When you build one application in Laravel, there are literally thousands of spambots waiting to attack you. If you don't respond to the threat soon, the next thing that you will see on your app is hundreds of thousands of fake users. We can end this spam dilemma now. Our Laravel experts at Kindlebit have handpicked the best ways to fight spam on your application below.

Purchase Dedicated Spam Filtering Services

There are several dedicated services available on the internet that help you fight spam. If your budget is not as extensive to hire Laravel developer again for spam removal, you can freely go for such services.

The most popular spam removing services in the world are:

  • Akismet: A renowned plugin from WordPress that can help you filter spam comments from genuine comments. You can use it on any application that runs on Laravel but it is paid. Application owners can refer to their preferred Laravel application development services so that they can integrate Akismet on their Laravel app.
  • Stop Forum Spam: A free service that can help you filter spam the same way as Akismet. You can also integrate this service on any application of your choice and defeat spam.

The Honeypot Method

Honeypot is a measure that can indicate to you if a user entry has been done by a spam bot. It is a defense mechanism in which you add a hidden form input with no values, and which is never intended to have a value.

A spambot will obviously not attack just the main form but will also do its job on the hidden form. Meaning, if you receive value in the hidden form, you know the value is from a spambot.

Honeypots take no time to set up and any Laravel developer can set them up for you. However, ensure that you give the hidden form fields valid names and not scrambles so that spambots do fall for them.


Captchas are a great way to refrain spambots from accessing your Laravel website or application. You must have seen them on Google or anywhere else, like on mobile banking solutions, account verifications, and more. You can integrate a Captcha service on your application to prevent spambots from attacking.

Hire Laravel Developer To Integrate Invisible reCaptcha

A powerful companion of Captchas is Google reCaptcha. You must have seen it while searching a query or loading a website on your computer. Although, the algorithm behind how the invisible reCaptcha works, hasn't been disclosed by Google, you can still rely on it as it perfectly does the job. A reCaptcha is a type of captcha in which you are only required to click the checkbox and no images or text captcha are shown.

Check CDN Settings

If you are using a content delivery network like Cloudflare, you can set the page rules to reject form submissions when certain actions are met. It might not be as helpful as other methods but is worth a try.

Validate Emails

What if only users with validated emails could use your application? There would be no chances of spambots spamming your entire work. To implement this, you can ask your Laravel application development services to integrate an email validating system like identibyte, which makes the verification easy for the users, or you can try the steps below.

  • Set up an email verification form that requests new users their email addresses for verification purposes.
  • Prepare a validation link that will be sent to their email address.
  • When a user clicks on the verification link, the application will recognize that the entered email already exists.
  • This option will also prevent unauthorized users from using your application with someone else's email account.

These were the ways you can successfully prevent your Laravel application from spambots. To provide you the most flexible and robust Laravel application, our experts at Kindlebit provide unparalleled Laravel development services. We can create custom applications and websites for your business from scratch and can also develop custom extensions, modules, and templates. You can also hire us on an urgent basis for application testing and debugging. For any information, queries, or doubts, feel free to call us anytime. We are available for your help 24/7.

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