Self Defense & Fitness Week

“The duel may go on for long, but the self-defense often wins over the self-reproach.What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.”


Closing this “Self Defense & Fitness Week” with strength, confidence and sense of achievement.


Thanks to Abhisek “Believe you can and you're halfway there.” is what you taught us. Thank you for your excellent mentoring and teaching. You deserve all our appreciation and admiration Given your very busy schedule, we know that it was not always easy or convenient for you to work with us, and yet you gave so very generously of your time, experience, and patience. Once again, thank you for your commitment and assistance.


Thanks to All Brave Ladies, We asked for commitment, you gave us dedication. We asked for obedience, you gave us authority. I We asked for cooperation, you gave us support. Thanks You, Ladies. We really proud of you for having you all as a part of our organisation. This week you carried out was a great success and really deserves all appreciation and support.



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