Shopify Web Development Services - Best Ways for Businesses to Use Discount Codes

Shopify is no longer a random name that entrepreneurs don't understand. Hundreds of thousands of e-commerce stores operate on Shopify now, whose owners are turning millionaires. Our Shopify web development services have researched that while store development plays a significant role in building a successful Shopify store, marketing also contributes equally. Only when a store is responsive, fast, secure, and well-marketed, it can make sales. While pricing is a big factor too, we suggest the use of coupons and discount codes to slash it down and start profiting.

If you are also eager to know the best discount code practices that Shopify web development services use to spur sales, hop on to our journey of impactful information below.

Best Ways To Use Coupons and Discount Codes on a Shopify Store To begin with, let's discuss the pros of using coupons and discount codes on your Shopify store.

  • They help to drive sales
  • Quickly meet sales goals
  • Are easy to track on Shopify
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase conversions
  • Good from a marketing point of view

Understanding the importance of discount codes for an e-commerce store, you can run one of the following discount code campaigns to promote your store.

Introduce Referral Programs

Referral programs are used all across the globe. The reason why entrepreneurs like them, is because your leads themselves promote your store. There are four types of Referral discount codes that you can provide.

  • Percentage-Based Discount: Give your customer a 20% discount for every successful referral that he makes.
  • Value Added Discount: $20 off on the purchase of $250 and above. (Or any digits that you like.)
  • Free Shipping Discount: Ship their products completely free
  • Free Gift: Why not reward them with something cheap yet cool and trendy from your store?

Pre-Launch Discounts or For Signing Up Newsletter

Yet to introduce new products to your store? Give your leads a sneak peek into your stock and offer discounts for early sign-up. You can also provide them the same in exchange for signing-up your newsletter. Our Shopify development services implement a newsletter sign-up program on almost every store.

Share Loyalty Points

You can introduce the system of loyalty points on your store and provide them to your customers on every sale that they make.

  • For example, you can provide 1 Loyalty point for every $10 spent, 20 loyalty points for every $100 per purchase.
  • On reaching loyalty point milestones like 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500 points, reward your customers with a lucrative discount code.
  • You might need to hire Shopify developers to add the loyalty points feature to your store.

Holiday Offers

Holiday discounts are again extremely popular amongst shopaholics. Holidays are the seasons when people plan to shop. You can make the best use of discount codes and coupon codes in festivals like Easter, ThanksGiving, and Christmas. Also, do not miss the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales discount codes.

First Time Shopper Discount Although first-time shopper discounts might make your store impressive for a new shopper, they don't ensure the stay or loyalty of a customer. However, you can still use them to generate revenue. Exclusive Offers

People who follow you on social media are mostly your loyal customers, but they also follow you for a reason. They all want early hands-on on your products and on any sales or promotions. By providing exclusive offers to your social media channels, you can market your store, increase social media followers and do more sales also.

Influencer Promotions If you are new to influencer marketing, you can refer to your Shopify web development services to get some info. We can give you a short brief on how influencer marketing works.

  • Look out for people with an impressive number of followers on social media and get in touch with them
  • Provide them with a free product to promote on their social media handles
  • Introduce discount codes just for the followers of your influencers and provide your influencers with bigger discounts

Incentives For Following Your Social Media Handles

Irrespective of the exclusive discount codes, you can also increase sales and your social media followers at once by offering discount codes for every individual who follows your social media handle. It is a proven trick to increase followers that always works and also generates sales.

Exit-Intent Discount

Not every time you will be able to fulfill your customer's demands. However, there's still a way you can get him to convert. A strategy shared by the best SEO services, exit-intent offers often help in converting nearly lost conversions. Whenever a visitor tries to leave your store or empties his shopping cart, you can prompt him with a discount code, which is known as an exit-intent discount.

Retargeted Discounts

In order to provide this offer, you need to hire a digital marketing expert to set up your Google Ads or Facebook Ads account. These are the discount codes that are displayed to those customers on social media who visit your store and exit without making any purchase. These are an entrepreneur's last resort to retain lost conversions.

These were the top ways professional Shopify web development services use discount codes for the marketing of your Shopify store. At Kindlebit, our Shopify development package includes everything that you ask for. From plugin development to theme customization, our experts have precise knowledge to skillfully cover them all. Feel free to contact us anytime to clear your queries or doubts.

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