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Create Custom Themes with Shopify Web Development Services

Selecting a layout for your Shopify store is a tough task. The undeniable fact is that the best ones are already used by renowned e-commerce stores. If you steal their designs, it impacts your reputation and makes you look like a copy of the original. It is why custom themes are sometimes necessary to make your business successful. There are two things that you can do in this scenario, either select a free theme on Shopify that is rarely used or get your Shopify web development services to tweak a theme for you.

Shopify Web Development Services : Understanding the Importance of a Custom Theme

Have you ever struggled to explore your own e-commerce store? If yes, then how do you expect your visitors to find it as easy as pie? Although the pre-available themes of Shopify do have a powerful UI and UX design, they are simply not powerful enough to lure your customers. Meaning, they leave the entire burden on your product. If your customer needs the product badly, then only he will make the purchase. Your store’s UI isn’t playing any part in making the conversion.

It has been proved that the theme of your Shopify store affects your conversions. A visitor is more likely to leave if your website takes too much time to load, or if he finds it difficult to easily surf through your store. Along with a variety of factors, your theme can help you retain a customer and reduce the bounce rate.

Benefits of a Custom Shopify Theme

  • Clear and Unique

Messed up themes don’t look good on any website. The more you ignore the unwanted clutter, the better it is for your store. It not only decreases the loading time of your website but also provides easy navigation. The type of design that most Shopify web development services prefer is clear and succinct. Not to mention that custom themes are unique and can also have your copyright.

  • Speed Optimized

Another unavoidable fact is that the world is enamored of speed. Be it technology, automobile, or anything. So, how can people not expect it on the internet? Mobile users especially, expect a website to load at the same speed on weak networks as it loads on 4G and Wi-Fi. This need for speed will only increase with the emergence of the 5G network. Luckily, you can remove all objects that decrease speed on a custom theme, and follow all the requirements of a fast website.

  • Efficient Coding

We are not saying that pre-available themes don’t have efficient coding. It’s just that custom themes have a cleaner and more reliable codes. If you select your Shopify web development services wisely, they can help you prepare a website that is reliable, safer, and better than your expectations. They can clean up the code and also increase the functionality of your website by adding plugins.

  • Marketing Friendly

Although speed and responsive designs are two things that help you achieve better SEO rankings, custom themes can also help you increase conversions in many other ways. For instance, you can position your CTAs better and use custom image sizes on your landing page with a custom theme. You can also create a mobile-friendly AMP page with ease.

  • Flexible for Experimenting

Imagine you want to experiment with the positioning of objects on your website. While a pre-available theme does not provide you with many options, you can experiment with the custom theme as much as you want. Customization is the biggest feature of the custom theme. From colors to shapes and designs, you can even add new features and any plugins of your choice. You can provide special features like 3D Try-on and advanced filtering.

Hire Shopify Developer

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