Skills Required in a Full-Stack Developer in 2019

The job of a full-stack developer is quite controversial, considering the limitless potential that a full-stack developer possesses to replace any member of the back-end and front-end team. To stay ahead of the competition in 2019, a developer needs much more than programming skills. With the improvement of technology and a rise in the demands of clients, a full-stack developer needs to stay afloat of all the factors that can pull his performance down.

Here are the skills that a competent full-stack developer must have in 2019: Time Management and Problem Solving

There's a reason why these skills are even more important than programming skills. While you can learn to be a better programmer over time, you need to possess the time management, problem-solving, and logic building skills to even step in the full-stack development industry. Due to the demand for versatility in a web app by clients, a full-stack developer should be able to manage his work efficiently and integrate all the targeted feature in time.

Programming Skills

'Quality over quantity,' is a popular saying that you must have heard. However, in the world of a full-stack developer, both hold equal weight. The more practice a full-stack developer has in maximum languages, the better he is. There is a large scale requirement of the knowledge of the following programming languages in the industry.

Front-End Technologies: Along with the mastery of basic front-end languages like HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, the year 2019 demands proficiency in frameworks and libraries like Node, Angular, React, LESS, SASS, and Jquery. Back-End Technologies: If you think the knowledge of Oracle is enough to be a full-stack developer, databases like MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, SQL Server are waiting to give you a surprise. Design Ability Although it is not recognized at many places for a full-stack developer to have UI/UX design ability, the basic knowledge of design capability gives a developer an upper hand. The Knowledge of Stacks

What is a stack? It refers to a single layer of the application you are building, but there's more to it in the programming industry. To remove confusion and inconveniences for a full-stack developer, there are packages of languages for different types of stacks. These stacks are:

LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, React, Node MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node Even to be called a full-stack developer in 2019, an individual should have intermediate knowledge of at least one stack mentioned above.

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