The Must-Have Plugins for Bigcommerce Website Development

Are you ready to enter the world of E-commerce? If yes, then BigCommerce and Shopify are the two most recommended platforms that can help you set up for your store. Both have certain advantages over each other. However, if your interests are lopsided towards BigCommerce, our BigCommerce development services state that your BigCommerce website development is incomplete without the following must-have plugins.

Top Plugins for BigCommerce Website Development

Spring Metrics

Running an e-commerce store isn't easy without actionable insights that you can use to improve your services. For real-time and quick updates of all the statistics and figures of your sales, marketing channels, conversions, etc., Spring Metrics is the most reliable plugin for a BigCommerce store.


Our BigCommerce development services witness a lot of demands for this mail delivery platform that you can use to run successful email marketing campaigns. Whether you are setting up a newsletter campaign or are providing important updates to your customers, MailChimp has got several templates and options that you can use to make your campaign a big hit.

S Loyalty

In the modern world, e-commerce store owners are doing everything they can to maximize customer retention. Loyal customers are the need of today due to the inevitably increasing online competition. To help you distribute and manage loyalty points amongst your customers, you can integrate the S Loyalty plugin during your BigCommerce website development.


The number one way to tell people to shop on your store is to let them do it themselves. We are talking about the social proof here, the word of mouth marketing that is better than its all other forms. With the TrustPulse plugin, you can display your social media reviews on any page you want or also upload a real-time event or activity tracker. You can also show live videos.


While you do receive in-built order and inventory tracking features in BigCommerce. Having Ordoro in your store is a big advantage. It is a better and more sophisticated order management system that tracks all the details and statuses of the order right from receiving to fulfillment. We also suggest this plugin for top-notch inventory management.


Intuit QuickBooks is an accounting and bookkeeping software that keeps track of all your financial inputs and outputs. You can map profits, calculate taxes, add discounts, handle inventory costs, manage bank accounts, personalize invoicing, etc. To streamline fast and accurate cash flow management, our BigCommerce development services prefer every this plugin to every client.


For instant and helpful customer feedback on your store, you can use the SurveyMonkey plugin. As its name suggests, you can use it to create customer surveys to improve your services, marketing strategy, or any product. It is helpful for those businesses who want to progress with constant interactions with their customers.

Do you need help in integrating all these plugins on your BigCommerce store? Get in touch with Kindlebit Solutions for the most-renowned BigCommerce development services. We can assist you in setting up a sophisticated and profitable e-commerce store, and also provide the most impressive digital marketing. Contact us now to get your free quote.

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