Top Image Optimization Tips That Best SEO Services Use

SEO is the magic wand that can turn any business into a multinational six-digit revenue-generating company. On the online race, only those businesses and websites that have high SERP rankings survive. However, professional SEO services also emphasize image optimization as necessary because SERP rankings aren't the only thing valuable in SEO. On the internet, a customer can come from anywhere. Be it Facebook, Uber, Tinder, or Google images. In this article, we are going to shed light on some important image optimization techniques that businesses can implement or any other SEO marketing company can incorporate.

Image Optimization Strategies For The Best SEO

#1 Utilize Everything (Caption, Alt Tag, and Name)

When you are optimizing an image for search engines, make sure you don't miss out on alt tags and captions and make them as descriptive as you can. Although Google now uses machine learning to recognize the objects in an image, it is still far from perfect. For example, in the SEO giant Ahref's research, Google was unable to distinguish between butter and cheese while using machine learning to recognize images.

It is the reason why you should be as descriptive about your images as much as you can. Along with using Alt Tags and captions, you can also name your image to make it relate to the object. All this will help Google in refining your images better and ranking them higher. Do not do keyword stuffing, best SEO services never recommend it.

#2 Create an Image Sitemap (Or add image URLs to your current sitemap)

Sitemaps help Google crawl to every corner of your site and index it immediately. While Google does index webpages without a sitemap, the process is comparatively slower. Similarly, Google uses the image sitemap to gather additional information about your images that it cannot discover easily or take too long to perceive.

Google executives in their own words recommend professional SEO services to provide search engines with an image sitemap. You can check Google's words below:

"Images are an important source of information about the content on your site. You can give Google additional details about your images, and provide the URL of images we might not otherwise discover by adding information to an image sitemap."

#3 Use High-Quality Compressed Images

If you own an e-commerce store, you understand the importance of high-quality images very well. Another reason to use high-quality images is that people often not click on a poor quality image in Google images. It means even if Google does rank your images at the top, you are not going to receive any leads. Compressing the images that you upload is equally important, as large images can increase the load time of your website.

#4 Resize Your Images

Another thing that is not good for SEO is over-sized images. What does this mean though? Whenever an SEO marketing company uploads an image, it ensures that image width exactly meets the width of your blog page. It does not matter if you upload an image that is 2000 pixels wide. When your blog page's width is only 720 pixels, every image is going to fit into that size. However, the browser will load the full 2000 pixels size image, which consumes more storage and takes longer to load on a desktop screen. In such scenarios, it is necessary to resize your images to meet the width of your blog page for their proper utilization.

#5 Get Rid of Stock Images

Whenever you are using a stock image, remember that you are not the only individual using that image. Your several competitors and many other websites have also uploaded the same one. As stock images are easily available on the internet and are used on such a heavy scale, they make professional services look unoriginal and cheap. You can check how many websites use the same stock image on Google Images like the example given below:

When this happens, there are rare chances that an internet user will click on your image or would want to shop from your store.

These were the top 5 image optimization tips that can make your images SEO Friendly. Our digital marketing experts at Kindlebit are one of the best SEO services providers in the world and are available to assist you 24/7. Feel free to contact us to clear any queries or doubts.

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