Understanding BigCommerce Website Development Plans and their Difference

BigCommerce is one of the most renowned e-commerce website development platform of 2020. Having a high competition with its rivals, entrepreneurs are often confused about which SAAS and plan they should buy. In this article, we will help you out in selecting the right Bigcommerce plan for you and whether you need to hire BigCommerce development services or not.

Why Invest in BigCommerce Website Development Plans?

BigCommerce has four major e-commerce website plans that it provides to its customers. These plans are:

  • Bigcommerce Standard
  • Bigcommerce Plus
  • Bigcommerce Pro
  • Bigcommerce Enterprise

It doesn't matter which plan you buy out of the ones mentioned above, here are the common features that you can find in all the BigCommerce plans:

  • 10 free templates to choose from
  • Choice of shipping rates and physical and digital goods
  • Third-party payment gateway integrations like PayPal and more
  • Full CMS support for easy content management
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Tools and options for search engine optimization
  • Automated image optimization with Akamai Image Manager
  • Discount coupons and gift vouchers support
  • Product review support
  • Third-party e-mail marketing integration with Mailchimp and iContact
  • Custom CSS and HTML support

For customizing the CSS and HTML of your BigCommerce store, you will require the help of professional BigCommerce development services. You can also select an in-built template and begin selling your goods.

The Differences between BigCommerce Website Development Plans

As we have discussed the similarities before, we do not plan to overlook the differences. With the following information, you can precisely select which BigCommerce plan suits your business the best.

BigCommerce Standard

The BigCommerce Standard plan is the cheapest option that BigCommerce offers its customers. It is only available at $29.95 per month. This plan might not look so all-mighty in front of other BigCommerce plans, but these comprehensive features make it a better option than the plans of its competitors:

  • Support for selling an unlimited number of products
  • Support for unlimited bandwidth, file storage, and staff accounts
  • Support for user ratings and reviews
  • Can provide gift cards
  • Professional reporting
  • Image optimization with Akamai Image Manager
  • Annual sales limit up to $50,000

For startups and individual entrepreneurs, this BigCommerce website development plan is the best. You can go for BigCommerce website development services at your sole discretion for the Standard Plan.

BigCommerce Plus

BigCommerce Plus is a more powerful version of the Standard plan and is available at $79.95. Here's why you might need this BigCommerce website development plan.

  • Supports the abandoned cart saver tool which is not present in the Standard plan
  • Can save credit card details of customers for quick payments
  • Supports customer segmenting for providing group vouchers or sales rewards
  • Annual Sales Limit is $150,000

The requirement of BigCommerce development services is again optional in this plan but can provide you a launch benefit with added features and custom UI/UX.

BigCommerce Pro

Although BigCommerce Pro is not a huge upgrade from BigCommerce Plus, with this plan you can do more sales. It brings you the following functionality and features and costs $249.95 per month.

  • Supports Google reviews: Requests Google reviews from customers when they receive their purchase.
  • Annual Sales Limit up to $400,000 with an additional $200,000 at the price of $150 per month.

You should also note that users get a 10% discount on BigCommerce Plus and Pro plans when they pay annually. BigCommerce Enterprise

This BigCommere Website Development plan is a custom plan for large enterprises whose annual sales are above $1,000,000. You need to request a quote from the company in order to know the pricing of this plan as per your required features. BigCommerce Enterprise is the most powerful BigCommerce plan because it gets priority support from BigCommerce and can support any number of bespoke features. Some of the most renowned features that people opt for in BigCommerce Enterprise are advanced product filtering and unlimited API calls.

These were all the BigCommerce store plans in which you can invest to start your own business. We at Kindlebit Solutions are a team of leading IT solutions providers, delivering industrial giants unrivaled BigCommerce development services. You can also hire use for setting up your BigCommerce store, developing a third-party extension, or to promote your e-commerce store on the internet and social media. Feel free to contact us anytime to clear your doubts and queries.

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