What is WCF Web Service and Why You Need a WCF Application?

There are several frameworks that can be used to develop powerful desktop applications. For creating flawless service-oriented applications in banking, customer support, and other industries, the world relies on WCF Web services. To be precise, WCF and Web Services are two different frameworks that are often co-related. While Web Services only uses the HTTP binding, WCF is comprehensive of many other binding options and is more flexible.

Understanding WCF Web in Deep

With the help of the WCF or Windows Communication Foundation framework, you can create seamless interoperable applications that can be shared across a wide network. Accessed with .Net 3.0, WCF applications are much advanced for synchronizing information from one end-point to another. If you wonder why WCF applications are a necessity, check out the information given below. However, first, it is important to understand the types of applications that are created using Web Service and WCF.

Distributed Applications

These types of applications are applications that do not serve any purpose when installed on a single device. They are required to run on multiple systems that are connected over a network like a messaging application. These applications are prepared by Web Service and can be used by multiple clients.

Interoperable Applications

These types of WCF applications can communicate with several systems, but they are independent of the language they are programmed in. They are basically developed to send and receive information. In short, you can conclude that all interoperable applications are distributed applications.

Why You Need WCF Web Applications?

Even if you use Web Service, there's still a big necessity for WCF.

Let's explain this from a business perspective. Imagine you have two clients, one wants to use Web Service to send data over the network with the HTTP protocol. He also wants replies in XML, so Web Service and WCF both suit him the best.

The second client wants to send the data using Web Service but over the TCP protocol. He wants replies in binary. You can create such an application with ease in WCF.

Now, as you are required to develop two different applications for two different clients in different protocols, it is more reliable and productive to create them using WCF, which can create both. With web service, you can only develop the application of the first client and then ultimately will have to switch to WCF.

Working With WCF

If you are new at using the WCF framework for creating WCF web applications. Here are the things that you will be working on:

1. The Three Identities A WCF application involves these three things.

  • WCF Service: Which is the service itself and its purpose
  • WCF Service host: The server from where the service is being hosted
  • Service Client: The receiver who is accessing the service

2. Message

It is the main unit of communication, which consists of two parts, the header, and the body. A message in a WCF web application is also known as an envelope that is used to transfer data from client to service and vice versa.

The header of an envelope is disabled by default, but the client can make changes in the body. The header section includes important data that helps in communication with the host.

3. End Point 

An endpoint is the address of the client and host. It can be in the form of an IP address or a URL. It also includes binding and contract, which are explained below.

example of an end point url: http://localhost:1234/Service

4. Binding

Binding refers to encapsulating the message with its protocol. Some of the famous protocols that you can use in a WCF web app are HTTP and TCP.

5. Contract

The contract is the functionality and features that the WCF application is providing to the client. technically, it refers to the interface name that includes the group of all the provided operations.


Lastly, a WCF application includes SOAP which refers to the Simple Object Access Protocol. It is an XML based message protocol that is required in the application.

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