WCF Web Service and WPF Application Development With Best App Center Usage

WPF developers understand the increasing requirements for modern software development. To meet those rising challenges, Microsoft and WCF/WPF application development services are constantly on the move. However, if you are still a beginner and not sure about how you can manage the initial release of your WPF, UWP, and Windows Forms desktop apps better, the answer lies within Visual Studio's App Center.

In this guide, we will share the top tips WCF/WPF development services make the best use of the App Center so that you can improvise your services too.

Visual Studio App Center

To begin with, it is important to understand what the App Center is. Microsoft Visual Studio App Center is developed with one goal, to help developers with the release, distribution, testing, and monitoring of real-time crashes in the entire world. You can also use it to find beta-testers all across the globe and monitor performance over the cloud. It is an all-powerful solution for automating several application management tasks. Recently, the App Center was upgraded to include sideloaded UWP apps crashes and error reporting. To start from scratch, you should know how you can manage your application releases better with App Center

Manage Application Releases Amongst Testers

After concluding your WPF application development, the final thing that remains is testing and approval. Once approved, the application is ready for distribution to receive feedback and go for improvement. To begin with the distribution on the App Center:

• Prepare the list of your testing teams, users, and volunteered debuggers and invite them via email • Organize your testers into groups for stratified testing and management • Upload your WPF application package, and your testers and users will receive a link to download it.

The entire process takes just a few minutes, and you can use the groups again.

WCF and WPF Web Application Development Services Use App Center To Track Analytics

Any analytics are not that beneficial for WPF application development firms if they cannot notify the developers of the features their testers and users are accessing. However, the App Center can precisely do that.

Some of the monitoring features that you get in App Center are:

• Checking active users • Monitoring sessions • Devices used • Languages accessed and more

You can even set custom events to get notified when users are using the features you aim to test and get insights on the following.

Count: The total number of users trigger the event Trend: Percentage and absolute change in the count over different time periods. • Number of Users who trigger the event • User change and average event trigger count per user

App Center Diagnostics

You are sending your application for testing, so it is not a surprise if testers find errors or provide a disappointing review. For solving such issues, App Center keeps a record of all the reported issues so that you can solve them later and improve the overall WPF app experience.

You might need to integrate the App Center Diagnostics SDK first to utilize this feature.

Handle Crashes and Errors with Ease

Does your application crash? The App Center is the perfect platform to overcome the problem of crashing. You can find the devices on which your WPF application is crashing and eliminate the root behind this behavior easily. You can navigate the user activity before the crashing utilizing several bug trackers like:

• GitHub • Azure DevOps • JIRA

For managing minor and non-fatal errors in your application, you can use the try/catch method.


Along with the features mentioned above to manage your app on the App Center, WPF Application development services can also use it for the following.

• Automating App Builds

You can find fast, and secure app builds, on the App Center for cloud-hosted machines. All you require is a connection with GitHub, Azure DevOps, or GitLab to automate the build.

• Send Push Notification

Strategic communication and stratified testing is a powerful feature of Visual Studio App Center. You can also send push notifications to a selected group of testers or filter the notification via devices used.

These were the ways you can accelerate WPF application development using the App Center. To resolve app management problems, WCF and WPF application development services depend on application management platforms all the time. Our experts at Kindlebit have sharpened their skills for superior WCF and WPF app development over the past decade and are ready to provide you top-notch software development services. You can find dedicated development teams to meet all your WCF and WPF application development requirements now. Feel free to contact us anytime for more info.

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