We believe a small helping hand can make a big difference

God’s own country is in trouble now. Kerala is juggling with the excessive water and severe flooding, resulting in the century’s worst flooding in the state. Only one night was enough to take 373 lives evacuating 280,679 people. More than 1/6th of the total population of the state has been directly affected by the flood and the related incidents. All the districts of Kerala have been on high alert for a month.

It is the time when we need to unite and get back our people out of this hazard which has shaken the entire nation. For this, we at KindleBit Solutions have taken a step forward to provide humanitarian aid to the needy.

We have collected Rs.50,000 for the relief of flood victims in Kerala and counting. At this time, donation of a single rupee will count, yes, and we believe we should offer a helping hand and bring a smile on at least a few faces. Our employees are also collaborated with NGOs to deliver household items, food, clothes and more things.

The cry and the pain of our people struggling out there are unbearable, so all are united to make small efforts to help the victims to fight in the tough times.

We salute the bravery and the hard work of the rescue team, and Army personnel for Kerala Flood Distress Relief. Let’s join hands and fight this back. We can and we will support the fullest.

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