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Cryptocurrency Development Services

Are you aware of the term Coinbase? If not, then you must be before jumping to ETC Coinbase Listing.

Coinbase is a venue, a place where the investors can reach to buy and sell their digital currencies. It is owned by an American company which has been offering cryptocurrency exchange services. The best example is GDAX, Global Digital Asset Exchange Company. Not only buying and selling, but the online platform is into verification of all the transactions. The blockchain network is sent all the information.

What’s most interesting about the service?

It allows its investors to use it as a wallet. It means you can store digital currencies in Coinbase.

ETC Coinbase Listing

Prior to the updates, buying and selling Ethereum Classic, now after the announcement, ETC (Ethereum Classic) has entered the list of the tradable coins.

How this will affect ETC?

  1. Price splash
  2. Integration made easy

The integration of the coin has been done in Coinbase Listing.

When will you be able to see ETC in the list?

I don’t know the exact date, but you don’t need to wait for long. It would be enlisted within a few months.

Sounds interesting, right?

You can contact KindleBit Solutions any time for reference or any sort of help in this direction.

Author: Manish Sanganeria

Designation : Chief Sales Officer

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