What is G Suite and what are Pros of using G Suite Email Migration?

There are so many reasons why you need to get yourself updated on the current trends of Technology. It has brought so much ease in execution of the tasks that seemed to be very difficult earlier. If you are using a phone or a laptop that means you have heard about Google and few services it provides .Great! Let’s take your knowledge a little further and get you updated on its new features and their merits. One such addition in the family of Google in 2006 was G Suite and its data migration services.

Know what is G Suite?

G Suite is an aggregation of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google It is the most beneficial email solution for the business. It enables the people in your business to open own Gmail accounts with companies domain name.

Why to choose G Suite?

  • G Suite comprises of Gmail, Hangout, Google+, Hangout Meet, Hangout Chat and Calendar for communication; Drive and Cloud Search for storage; Docs, Slides, Forms, Slides, Sites, App maker, Sites and Keep for collaboration; Admin Panel, Vault and Mobile Management as control features.
  • It also provides you with simple and secure data migration services like G Suite Data Migration is the phenomenon of relocating data, mails, contacts, calendar and other data from your system to the cloud.
  • G Suite Email Migration is the process of migrating email or multiple emails from one email client to another without any loss.
  • When you are using G Suite for Business Purpose you will get professional mail with your domain
  • The provision of extra space for storage.

The Merits of G Suite Email Migration:

  • The Migration is the most secure method of migrating the mails and ensure their Security while the transfer. The credibility of the mails is such an important concern in the world of business
  • The Migration doesn’t hinder any of your on-going works . The migration is done such that there is very little probability of system getting down
  • It allows a large number of mails relocated simultaneously and allows the professionals to check the migration process

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