Web API … It’s a concept, not a new technology !!!

Web API exclusively works on HTTP.

It is called or consumed by many different kinds of application like Mobile App, Desktop App, Web Application, and more.

It is built for exposing your data and services to devices using an application programming interface (API) for both the web server as well as the browser.

Web API doesn’t limit us with specific interface or technology in order to interact with users.

It describes a clear set of HTTP requests and responses to extract and send data from the server.

There are several benefits of using APIs, and some of the best are listed as under :

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Basically, we need to have a Web API when we want to save and process our data in the server and allow any other application request and get data from it if needed.

By means of a good quantity, the most popular data format for Web APIs is XML, though JSON has been growing gradually in terms of quality as well as usage.

Many developers consider the JSON format for a variety of reasons :

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